Steering Committee’s Message for 2008

Winter 2008

Dear Families and Friends of Albany Music Fund,

On behalf of Albany Music Fund, I want to once again thank all of you who have supported music so enthusiastically and consistently in Albany Schools through the Albany Music Fund (AMF) over the past six years. AMF’s mission is “commitment to excellence and equity in music education in Albany public schools.” Your generosity and commitment to the children in the schools’ music programs is a constant inspiration and encourages us in our efforts to keep music thriving in Albany.

Here is how your funds are being put to use in the Albany music program this year:

* We have expanded the budget for instrumental and choral competitions to include group transportation to events;

* The instrumental program is buying new instruments to be able to feed experienced players from middle school to high school, and to enhance the students’ ensemble experience;

* We’ve fine tuned the Instrument Lesson Scholarship Program to provide private lesson support based on need and merit. We anticipate being able to provide about 15 additional scholarships this year, in addition to the current 15 active scholarships.

* The choral program at Albany High School now has an accompanist, and we’re working to provide the same service for the Albany Middle School choral program.

* Albany Music Fund continues to provide the funds that enable Rhythm Bound to continue being a vibrant and excellent ensemble experience for the students.

Much of our fundraising is accomplished through the gift wrap sales by the elementary and middle school band students, and by the public performances of our accomplished and entertaining high school performing groups (Madrigal Concert, Ashkenaz, Yoshi’s, GrooveFest, Downtown Restaurant). In 2006-07, their fundraising brought in about $20,000 while our Direct Appeal brought in $9,000. We would like to increase the Direct Appeal fundraising to $35,000 which is the proposed amount that we ask parents to pay each year for music education. This means $350 from 100 families. Please consider making a $350 contribution to support your child’s music experience for FY 2008-09. This is how you can help! The enclosed card provides options contributing by check or credit card, one-time or monthly contributions.

Again, thank you for your generosity and commitment, from all the members of the Albany Music Fund Steering Committee.

Sincerely, Beth Wright, Treasurer, on behalf of Albany Music Fund

Steering Committee:
Sheryl Black Co-Chair
Nancy Ulmer Co-Chair
Beth Wright Treasurer
Elizabeth Alien
Craig Bryant
Sarah Cline
Dolores Dalton
Debbie Gilman
Meg Griffith
Earl Grinstead
Steve Iwamoto
Kathe Jordan
Christine Martin
Kara Ravina
Christina Robinson
Liz Sutton
Chad Zullinger

Thanks to:
Crazy Copy
Downtown Restaurant
Superintendent Willie Wong
For his many years of support to the Albany Music Fund