Dear Friends of Music in the Albany Schools


We heard you!

You told us, loudly and clearly, how valuable the music program is to you and your students. You appreciate that music education is key to a studentʼs academic success, and you know the crucial role music plays in developing communicative, creative, and collaborative young people.


We responded.

This school year, in the face of huge budget cuts, weʼve made an enormous commitment to strengthening and supporting music in the Albany public schools. The Albany Music Fund pledged $65,000 to the school district, all of which will go directly to music education. In addition to supporting vocal music in the elementary schools, instrumental music in grades and instrumental & vocal music in grades 9-12, this money also pays for:

  • Instrumental music in grades 4-5
  • Vocal music in grades 6-8
  • Albany High Schoolʼs Rhythm Bound


Weʼll need to work hard raising money to provide this kind of support for the music program next year, and each year in the future. You told us you didnʼt like frequent or disjointed appeals for money. You told us you didnʼt want to have to buy gift wrap or other products in order to help the music program. You told us you were willing and able to support music directly. This year weʼre trying something new.


Hereʼs what you can do:

Contribute $350

Thatʼs what it takes. If Albany Music Fund could count on a contribution of $350* for every Albany student involved in a music program, we could support the music program at the same high level each year. The more you contribute, the more secure our music program will be. Your contributions are fully tax-deductible. You can contribute by credit card using the Donate link at the top of this page.



Many business and community leaders have supported the Albany Music Fund. Some of our most successful fundraising has come from matching grants from Albany business leaders. If you can help us raise money by providing matching funds (or know someone who can) contact AMF President Penny Barthel at and we can work together to leverage your donation as a challenge grant.


Get involved with fundraisers

Just like years past, weʼre planning concerts and events that showcase the talents of our student musicians while raising money. Weʼre also starting a major new fundraiser – a Swing into Spring Big Band Dance. This is an opportunity to hear student jazz bands and choral groups, to dance, to celebrate, and to invite the community to join us in supporting musical excellence in our schools. Your donations of time, money and energy can help.


Thank you,


Penny Barthel


Albany Music Fund



* We know that every family is different, and some families may not be able to contribute at that level. We also know some families can afford to be more supportive, and we hope those families will consider pledging more.

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