Dear Friends of Music in the Albany Schools


We heard you!

You told us, loudly and clearly, how valuable the music program is to you and your students. You appreciate that music education is key to a studentʼs academic success, and you know the crucial role music plays in developing communicative, creative, and collaborative young people.


We responded.

This school year, in the face of huge budget cuts, weʼve made an enormous commitment to strengthening and supporting music in the Albany public schools. The Albany Music Fund pledged $65,000 to the school district, all of which will go directly to music education. In addition to supporting vocal music in the elementary schools, instrumental music in grades and instrumental & vocal music in grades 9-12, this money also pays for:

  • Instrumental music in grades 4-5
  • Vocal music in grades 6-8
  • Albany High Schoolʼs Rhythm Bound