October 13, 2016

Albany Elementary Music Programs

AUSD offers general music for grades 1-3, a 4th “wheel” of choir, recorder and general music, and a 5th grade option to participate in Band, Choir or Musical Theater. The program is consistent for all three Albany elementary schools (although each school has its own instructor for grades 1-3).

Albany Music Fund supports all these programs with:

  • Supplies for all classes
  • Sheet music (for Band and Choir)
  • Script rights (for Musical Theater)
  • T-Shirts for Band, Choir and Musical Theater
  • Instrument repairs for borrowed instruments
  • Aides for 5th grade band

In 2016-17, Albany Music Fund has also granted AUSD funds for 14 weeks of Kindergarten music. This program is 100% funded by AMF.

Teachers for each site/program are listed below. Please contact your child’s teacher to learn more about the program and/or to volunteer to help!

1-3 Music Ocean View & Musical Theatre (all sites): Jeff Luna-Sparks

1-3 Music Cornell & Choir (all sites): Natalie Buck-Bauer

1-3 Music Marin: Nancy Linford

5th Grade Band (all sites): Mark Nemoyten

(The 4th Grade “Wheel” is taught in rotation at each site by two or more of the above teachers)