AHS Jazz Does Well at Reno Jazz Festival

Albany High School musicians picked up several awards April 8 and 9 at this year’s Reno Jazz Festival, held on the University of Nevada campus.

The AHS Jazz Band took first place in the A high School Band category and was one of only three high school bands invited to perform at the festival’s awards ceremony Saturday night.

The AHS Jazz Combo finished in 4th place, and the AHS Jazz Lab finished 7th place in their respective categories.

Outstanding musician awards were given to the following:

Sam Priven, alto saxophone

Tad Nicol, tenor saxophone

Ziyad Abdelfattah, piano

Cory Graves Montalbano, drums

Calvin Barthel, trombone

Takashi Israels, trumpet

Michelle Neu, trumpet

Noah Amme, drums

Michael Sandberg, piano

Zak Pederson, tenor saxophone

Amanda Seaborne, flute

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