AHS and AMS vocal instructor, Mary Stocker, on NPR

After six months of rehearsals, October 16 marked the national unveiling of Hideo, a two-hour concert featuring the music from popular video games and anime, and featuring AHS and AMS vocal instructor, Mary Stocker. Hear the story on NPR with Robert Siegel as he tells about the performance and includes excerpts from Ms. Stocker’s powerful performance.


One thought on “AHS and AMS vocal instructor, Mary Stocker, on NPR”

  • Wow! What an accomplishment! As a former Albany Music Fund member and AMS/AHS parent, I am knocked out by this news and by the latest invitation to Carnegie Hall. I would like to ask Ms. Stocker if she would be interested at all in talking about having the Young Women in Harmony program of Sweet Adelines International in Albany. I think she is also familiar with the kind of four-part a cappella singing that we do.

    Can you connect me with Ms. Stocker, please? Thank you.
    Susan Zarchy

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