Driving Form

Albany Unified School District
Private Automobile Transportation Form
School-Related Trips

Please print, fill out and include this form with the Request for Your Own Driver License DMV form (below).

School: Date:

The Albany Unified School District recognizes the importance of out-of-classroom learning experiences and hence, encourages study trips or extracurricular activities. The District will continue to make every effort to provide transportation whenever possible, but there are times when funding it not available. At these times, the District asks parents to help provide transportation.

Driver: (circle one) Employee | Parent/Guardian | Volunteer
Vehicle Information
Name of Owner:
Address of Owner:
Year of Vehicle: Make and Model of Vehicle:
License Plate No.: Seating Capacity:
Insurance Company:
Policy No.: Expiration Date:

Please attach a copy of your DMV Driving Record Individual Report, Driver’s License, Vehicle Registration, Insurance (indicating at least $100,000 liability for each occurrence and expiration date), and rental agreement (if appropriate).

I certify that the information submitted on this form (both sides) is correct and my insurance coverage is in force. I understand I must have liability insurance coverage in force and agree to advise the District, in writing, of any changes in the above information. I further understand that the District or School does not provide insurance coverage for volunteer drivers transporting students. Coverage is provided by my own persona automobile insurance. The District does not cover, nor is liable for damage to my vehicle, lost or damaged articles or any deductible which may apply for repair or replacement.

Signature: Date:

Request for Your Own Driver License DMV form

Please print, fill out and include this form.
Request for Your Own Driver License DMV form

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